Franklin Hill Vineyards

Eco Promise

by Adam Flatt

Adam Flatt


Many years ago when we began farming grapes it was obvious. As we dug our hands into the soil to plant our mighty vines it became part of us. Getting in our eyes, skin, under our finger nails. It was mother earth and we were proud. Our cloths are always dirty and our skin is stained but we wear it with pride. Proud to know we found our place. Tending the earth to produce this miracle fruit. One that can be turned into many things. We choose wine.

Since the early days we knew that if we harvest this land, we also had a responsibility as a keeper of the earth. This is the land we live on. This is the land we raise our families on. This is the land we will love so it can love us back. Every day we conduct ourselves in a way that conserves the planet and it’s magical resources. We recycle everything we can figure our how. We re-use everything we can find a second (or more) uses. All lighting is at it’s most efficient and on motion sensors to power off as much as possible. Our facilities are mostly underground using the earth’s comfort to reduce our heating and air conditioning needs. Our company vehicle is the amazing Leaf, an all electric car. We use the state of the art farming practices to reduce our footprint on the planet.

DSC_0041Every step of the way we think of the planet first. It is our home and we want it keep it safe for many generations to come.

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