Franklin Hill Vineyards


Behind the Vine

by Adam Flatt

Adam Flatt


There are a lot of things you discover when you work in a vineyard. You realize you can’t speed up life. The high paced world has to be left behind. Things slow down. Your hands are still busy. Not busy typing out a text to your BFF, they are busy working. Adjusting the vine, fixing the trellis, wrangling some wire, or pulling some weeds. Those work gloves can’t type, and they are way too dirty to touch your $400 phone. When you leave those things behind you become plugged in. Not into some outlet, but plugged into nature. There are so many great sights and sounds nature offers. The vineyard is a great place to see what our beautiful Pennsylvania country side has to offer.

Every once in a while we can spot a bear track, or maybe a red fox scrurries across the edge of the vineyard in the evening light. Watching a hawk surf the up-draft and basically hover in the ski is amazing. As his head scans the field for it’s next meal. You can just feel the generations of hunting wisdom ingrained in that bird of prey. And every once in a while you get to see a Bald Eagle. What a sight. No matter what generation you are from, seeing that bird in person is amazing. Although tweeting a blurry picture of that eagle would be awesome, saving it in your mind and enjoying that moment will last forever.

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