Franklin Hill Vineyards

Our History in Wine

Following the success of the vineyard, we built our winery in 1981. We decided to build underground, using the comfort of the earth to provide the natural temperature the wines enjoy. Starting at a mere few hundred gallons, we were on our way.

Our customers navigated a mile long dirt path that lead to the winery to taste and buy. In the parking area a sign read: We are in the vineyard. “Honk your horn for service.” Offering tastings in our work clothes, customers enjoyed the working winery environment and intimate look into winery life.

That same dirt path leads you to our tasting room today. Old world charm meets modern excellence to provide our customers with an amazing experience each time they visit. Nestled in the rolling hills of Eastern Pennsylvania, our winery offers picturesque views and a shopping experience like no other. We produce the best fermented beverage on earth and we love what we do.


We came to this land with a dream and a promise: farm the earth to provide for our family and preserve the land for our future generations to enjoy. Growing grapes was the solution. As early pioneers in this industry, there was no instruction manual. With a lot of hope and plenty of luck, we guided these majestic vines into rows. They in return produced an amazing crop year after year.


Pick the Grapes

Picking grapes is a magical experience. Getting dressed by the light of the harvest moon, we start early. The best time is right when the sun comes up. Every grape is carefully picked by hand and harvested at the peak of ripeness. Mother nature tells us when, we are her loyal followers.

Smoosh the Grapes

The grapes are crushed and de-stemmed within hours of being picked. The white grapes are pressed immediately into the purest grape juice. The red grapes are crushed, but the skins are left in until the color is just perfect.

Ferment the Juice

We use time honored tradition blended with modern technology to ferment the juice into the most amazing beverage on earth. Just like when the humble caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, the grape juice has amazingly transformed into wine.

Enjoy the Wine

Here is the easy part, the part you can help us with. Whether you like it dry, sweet, red, white, or somewhere in between, we make a wine for you. So each time you open a bottle of our wine, think about all the steps that went into producing it, but most of all just ENJOY!

Traffic Jams? The only traffic jam I see going to work, is getting behind a farm tractor.

Bonnie Pysher, Head Winemaker-Franklin Hill Vineyards

So pure it’s perfect

If you’ve never experienced the winery, it is like no other place in the world. A tiny gravel path leads you to an amazing treasure in the heart of Pennsylvania farm land. Acres of vines outline the breathtaking views. From this spot we grow produce and bottle the most amazing fermented beverage on earth. Stop by for the beauty and leave with some of the nectar from this near perfect place. Cheers!

We love what we do

Making wine is an amazing privilege. It is something we all look forward to do everyday. Whether it is in the vineyard, the winery, or one of our tasting rooms, you will find a staff full of knowledge, excitement, and a passion for what we do. Every day we focus on creating an experience our customers won’t forget. After all we get to enjoy the wines too. Who wouldn’t love that?

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